Saturday, May 29, 2010

Holy Crap!!! It has been forever since i've even looked at blogs, let alone update my own.... i'm suprised they still let me have one :) and can i say WOW!! have things happened since i was on here last! (I can blame this on a little connection called Facebook :) Where to even begin... last blog was the end of last summer... which was the start of my new life! So here is the last year in somewhat of a nutshell...
Hunting season has came and gone... and this was my first EVER trophey! It was so much fun and better yet... i shot it in my backyard :)... well i lured it in you could say from my backyard and became friends with it, then when it came time for us to part... i went under the dugway and... it was traggic for my buddy, but a good day for the almighty hunter :)

And thanks to my dad's BFF :) Stacey Maxfield, i owe this one to him!! I had a blast on this hunt and, it was by far the funnest adventure yet... (in the hunting category)! When my dad called me at 6:30 in the morning and told me Stacey had a track, the dogs were on the go and we better get our... Butts... up there! I was on the move! It took about an hour for the dogs to tree the cat, and we only walked half a mile to where they were, and let me tell you.. coming up on a GIANT (my adrenaline was pumpin)... might not as been as giant.... mountain lion sitting in a tree staring down at you, not knowing he is so much more powerful than you, waiting to be my next trophey :) and Better yet get this... as soon i shot him, he attacked the branch sitting in front of him and got stuck up in the dang tree!!! So Stacey climbed up the tree and down came the kitty! AwEsOmE hUnT!!!!!!....

Winter finally came around and me and Aaron had been dating about this time for 5 months, and a few days before Christmas he proposed!!! It was so exciting and we got married February 6th 2010!!!

We had a very casual wedding but so much fun! My boys wore what makes them feel comfortable... cowboy hats, wranglers and boots, so my little man had to fit the part :) I had a camo dress and instead of walking down the isle to a romantic song... we literally boogied down the isle to Even Cowboys Like Rock n' Roll!... Thank you Chris LeDoux :) it was so much fun!!!
Aaron and his posse before the wedding :)

Shortly after our wedding on February 17th, my little man turned 1!!!!! So crazy how time has flown and what has happened within a years time. He has truly been a blessing in my life and i wouldn't be where i'm at today with such a wonderful husband and amazing family, without having him! I'm so lucky to be his mother and i wouldn't trade anything in the world to have gone through what i did to have him in my life! ... and he cleary enjoyed his birthday :)

Summer is right around the corner... well i start to think that and then it snows... but we started out doing a lot of riding, so when summer actually comes we will continue to get out and enjoy the wonderful weather!!!... and as of last Tuesday we are the proud owners of our own 7 acres and can't wait to build our own home!! Its going to be so exciting when we get to that point! So now that i'm somewhat updated on what's been going on in our life... maybe when i get around to updating again.... it will be next year and i'll start all over :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

-Summer Fun-

Its been a busy summer :) Pictures show it all... its late and i don't really feel like typing but its been awhile since i've updated so i'll just post a few pics :) enjoy!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

-Welcome Home-

It has been one CrAzY week!! Started Monday morning, we decided since we were all home... we were ready to rock and roll on over to the new house! We moved almost everything from one to the other in roughly a days time. We still have odds and ends and crap i really don't want to go get over at 5th East (i'm terrified of spiders and i know there is going to be tons in the stupid shed!) but for the most part we have the whole place remodeled already and set in nice and cozy :) The house is so nice and we could have moved right in and wouldn't have had to do anything to make it liveable... but peach walls... and wallpaper!!! Grrrrr... we are so over wallpaper!

^^^^^^^^^^^ Before the Remodel^^^^^^^^^^^^

Thursday morning we were going to start painting the whole house and knock it out in a weekend... and my luck i woke up with a freakin swollen sore sore wrist! (and i really wasn't trying to get out of it :) I ended up making a quick trip to the ER and found out i have a sweet little blood clot in my arm!! Sucks cause i'm allergic to common blood thinners like asprin!! So the doctor put me on some medication for a few days and luckily the swelling went down, so i had to take it easy... darn no painting for me ;)

I couldn't be more happy to have my bed back!!! :O i have been sleeping on a futon for the last few months and now that i have it back with me.... ahhhh... sleep again, escpecially since Gavin sleeps through the whole night, its FaBuLoUs!! We got alot done in little time and Gavin had so much fun with Grandma and Grandpa... Thanks! Love you guys!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

-Watch Gavin and Gage Grow!-

Love this boy so much! I don't know if its possible to love him anymore than i already do but every day i seem to find a new reason to fall in love with him over and over! Went from my little 4 pounder to now a whoppin 12 pounds... woot woot for my little man! He's growing so fast and changing everyday!

You can't help but not love Gage :) He is getting huge! Finally did get a hair cut, and as cute as could be! I think this little chunck is weighing in around 16-17 pounds!!

I think i'd have fun with a toy like this too!